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backpack or bag. president obama will travel to boston to attend the service for the victims on thursday. and we invite you to stay with wjz on air, and online for complete coverage of the explosion at the boston marathon. for the latest developments any time, log onto >>> and coming up tonight at 7:00, scott pelley and the cbs evening news, come to you live from boston tonight. stick around for the latest on the investigation and the victims, right after eyewitness news. >>> a quarter million dollars bail for the man charged in the death of a long-time baltimore city employee, killed in front of city hall. wjz is live at oriole park, where matt herzel is being remembered tonight. rochelle ritchie with more on the charges. rochelle? >> reporter: hi, vic. the fans here at camden yards, will be filled with loyal orioles fans, minus one, the city employee, hit and killed. the driver now facing charges in the death. >> reporter: 43-year-old johnny johnson is the man police say was behind the wheel of this black acura, when he hit and killed 45-year-old matt herzel. >> next
to evil, that's it. selflessly, compassionately, not afraid. >> and president obama will be in boston thursday. they're having an enter faith service for -- interfaith service for the victims. our bruce leshan has been in boston and has the latest from there right now. >> reporter: we are just outside one of the law enforcement staging areas on the boston common. and the authorities are pledging to go to the ends of the earth to catch the killer or killers. but the fbi is also pleading for help closer to home. this special agent in charge says these killer or killers are somebody's neighbor, somebody's friend, somebody knows them. the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker or relative. we're asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that indicated that he or she may target the event to call us. >> reporter: the fbi says the explosives were packed in two pressure cookers, stuffed in dark-colored bags and left on the ground. they were apparently loaded with nails and bb's designed to inflict maximum injury
in a pressure cooker. the president will visit for an interfaith service for the victims. >> the boston marathon bombing has officials around the world boosting security at large public gatherings and sporting events. there are 30 other marathons held this weekend. president obama is planning to visit boston on thursday for an interfaith service for those systems. sally kidd during this with the latest. officials are asking whether they're doing enough. experts say there's only so much that can be done. horrific explosions are prompting cities across the country to reevaluate security at public events. >> i did not think anyone expected bombs to go off at the end of the marathon. >> they're taking a second look at security. including two races that will go on this weekend. >> there are certain events that will be open to us by their very nature. marathon is 26 miles long. points of vulnerability. additional training and pattern recognition could help. of stopping ality terrorist using all those things i mentioned, the trailing, this surveillance is still probably 100 to%, maybe even more than th
obama will travel to boston on thursday to speak at an interfaith service for the victims. we're learning more about the three dead victims. one was 8-year-old martin richard. 29-year-old krystle campbell has also been identified. the third was a grad student at boston university. that name has not been released. investigators say the bombs were made from pressure cookers that were hidden inside duffel bags. as we struggle to make sense of what happened, today president obama reminded us of the best we've seen in boston. >> the american people refuse to be terrorized. because what the world saw yesterday in the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism and kindness and generosity and love. exhausted runners who kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood. and those who stayed to tend to the wounded. some tearing off their own clothes to make tourniquets. the first responders who ran into the chaos to save lives. the men and women who are still treating the wounded at some of the best hospitals in the world. and the medical students who hurried to help, saying
to find which one it is. is president obama traveling tong boston on thursday to attend and a service for the victims of the the marathon bombing. >>> coming up a landlord pleads guilty for spying on his tenant. when he used to record their most intimate moments. >>> frightening moments for a virginia family. skyfox over the scene at loudoun county. four men entered the house and held the family at gunpointnt while they robbed them.hem. the men took off tonight thee loudoun con sheriff's office iss office offering a cash reward for tips tips leading to an arrest. ar >>> a landlord who used smallall cameras to spy on his tenants in was in courtroom he plead guilty of two counts of peeping tom charges. he is accused of hiding small small cameras of several of his female tenants and then recording record intimate acts.intimate acts. one of the victims spoke out.t. >> i'm obviously disgusted with th his behavior, and a bit appalled, but i'm also think also t that he has got issues that went unnoticed that he didn't takedidn't take care of, you know, mental issues. issu >> th
at their local church, while thursday, the white house is saying president obama will travel here to boston to be part of an interfaith service to honor and remember all the victims of the attack. live, boston, jay gray, back to you. >>> and jay, some of the information we heard in the chaos of yesterday turned out not to be true. i'm thinking about another explosion at the library and other explosive devices found. is that true? >>. >> reporter: no, your absolutely right. the library fire was just that, appeared to be an electrical fire and was not in any way associated with what happened here. there was also a lot of speculation that undetonated explosives were found. they had actually found bombs not exploded. today, the fbi and local authorities really going out of their way to make sure everybody knows it was not the case. that would be tremendous evidence. they did that, as they continued to urge anyone with any picture, any video, anything that they might consider evidence to please turn that over to authorities, even if you were not at the finish line, but somewhere along the race r
on a $90 million verdict in her favor. >>> the latest now on the terror attack in boston, president obama plans to travel to boston on thursday for the city's innerfaith prayer service in the wake of yesterday's terror attack. massachusetts's governor, deval patrick announced just moments ago in the fbi press conference you just heard. >>> authorities still have no suspects in custody. they continue to ask for the public's help, asking for anybody with tips, photos or videos from the marathon yesterday to send those in. and here is a look at one of the victims killed yesterday. this is just in from our information. krystle campbell, and 8-year-old martin richard also killed. two of the three victims who died yesterday. >>> in boston, the number of patients have been released. but dozens are still being treated at the city's hospital, some of the best in the world. >> nbc's ron allen has been at the massachusetts general hospital all day today. he has more. ron tell us the latest about the injury count, which has increased today. who is in critical condition and are there any indications a
? >>. >> shep: the president is headed to boston. white house says he will speak at an interfaith service dedicated to the victims of the boston bombing. earlier today mr. obama said the american people refuse to be terrorized and praised the actions. >> exhausted runners that kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood and those that stayed to attend to the wounded. first responders who ran into the chaos to save lives, if you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evil, that is it. selfishly, compassionately and unafraid. >> shep: governments around the world are increasing security at public places and landmarks, but there are some major events on the horizon including 30 different marathons. greatest challenge may be in london. tomorrow hundreds of diplomats and dignitaries are expected the funeral of margaret thatcher. on sunday, half a million spectators are expected to line the streets of london for that city's marathon. fox report jonathan hunt live with us. it appears that the london marathon is going to be a a tribute to the victims here in boston? >>
to the middle east. this man's job when he was at the secret service -- protect president obama with 1.8 million people on the washington mall gathered for his first inauguration. >> you can't guarantee anything. all you do in the field of security is reduce the probe ability of an event like this to something so miniscule if something does happen your response element afterward is enough to keep the casualties to a minimum. >> many americans have grown tired of war, tsa checkpoints and heavy security at sporting events. former national director of counterterrorism says the threat remains very real. >> if this turns out to be either domestic or international terrorism it will remind people of the difficulty of the tasks that we have been working against over the past ten years. >> reporter: experts say that while we can certainly prevent and address more security issues than we did before 9/11, trying to protect a soft target like a marathon is just increasingly difficult and they point out that a terrorist only has to find the weakest, softest point and attack there. of course that's where we'r
-american trying to board a flight to the middle east. dan bongino's job when he was at the secret service, protect president obama with 1.8 million people on the washington mall gathered for his first inauguration. >> you can't guarantee anything. all do you in the field of security is reduce the probability of an event like this to hopefully something so miniscule so if something happens your response afterwards is enough to keep the casualties to a minimum. >> if this turns out to be domestic or international terrorism it will remind people of the difficulty of the task that we have been working against over the past ten years. >> reporter: security experts say that over the last 11 or 12 years as we've gotten farther and farther away from 9/11 americans have grown tired of being hassled by the tsa and the security at sporting events and this soft target a marathon underscores the fact that these threats remain very real. >> tom costello in washington for us this morning. >>> bill bratton is the former police commissioner in new york and served in los angeles as well. good morning. >> good morni
's what we all want to moment dan was a u.s. secret service agent who walked ahead of president obama during "the nine" inaugural parade and he knows what it takes to secure this type of situation. dan, that's what people want to know. how? how could this happen? >> good question. i think everybody is assuming, though, that these bombs were planted yesterday when they, in fact exploded and the event happened. that may not be the case. i don't know that for a fact, but what concerned the secret service and me specifically when i was there and we would organize the parade route for the president was not a device trying to come in that day. we knew we would be able to intercept it, but a device that was preplanted. and that, unfortunately, may be an avenue they may have to pursue investigatively. >> brian: from what you can tell, from what we know, this saudi national is a person of interest in the hospital right now who we've gone through his apartment. how unusual is it for the bomber, who is not a homicide bomber, to be a victim? evidently he had burns on him and smelled like gun powd
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)